Contains JCR specific reports.


Class Summary
AbstractJcrReport AbstractJcrReport...
ExportViewReport ExportViewReport handles REPORT requests for the 'exportview' report.
JcrPrivilegeReport JcrPrivilegeReport...
LocateByUuidReport LocateByUuidReport handles REPORT requests for the 'locate-by-uuid' report.
LocateCorrespondingNodeReport LocateCorrespondingNodeReport is used to identify the resource that represents the corresponding node in another workspace.
NodeTypesReport NodeTypesReport allows to retrieve the definition of a single or multiple node types.
RegisteredNamespacesReport RegisteredNamespacesReport let the client retrieve the namespaces registered on the repository.
RepositoryDescriptorsReport RepositoryDescriptorsReport allows to retrieve the repository descriptors.

Package Description

Contains JCR specific reports.

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