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Packages that use Report Contains JCR specific reports.   
org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version Interfaces and classes used to cover functionality defined by RFC 3253: Versioning Extensions to WebDAV Report interface and inplementation for default reports defined by RFC 3253. 

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Classes in that implement Report
 class AbstractJcrReport
 class ExportViewReport
          ExportViewReport handles REPORT requests for the 'exportview' report.
 class JcrPrivilegeReport
 class LocateByUuidReport
          LocateByUuidReport handles REPORT requests for the 'locate-by-uuid' report.
 class LocateCorrespondingNodeReport
          LocateCorrespondingNodeReport is used to identify the resource that represents the corresponding node in another workspace.
 class NodeTypesReport
          NodeTypesReport allows to retrieve the definition of a single or multiple node types.
 class RegisteredNamespacesReport
          RegisteredNamespacesReport let the client retrieve the namespaces registered on the repository.
 class RepositoryDescriptorsReport
          RepositoryDescriptorsReport allows to retrieve the repository descriptors.

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Methods in that return Report
 Report AclResource.getReport(ReportInfo reportInfo)
          Same as DeltaVResource.getReport(ReportInfo).

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Classes in that implement Report
 class AbstractSecurityReport
          AbstractSecurityReport covers basic validation and utilities common to the majority of the reports defined within RFC 3744.
 class AclPrincipalReport
          The AclPrincipalReport report returns the requested property set for all principals in the DAV:acl property, that are identified by http(s) URLs or by a DAV:property principal.
 class PrincipalMatchReport
          PrincipalMatchReport can be request for any collection resources.
 class PrincipalSearchReport
          The PrincipalSearchReport performs a search for all principals that match the search criteria specified in the request.
 class SearchablePropertyReport
          SearchablePropertyReport identifies those properties that may be searched using the DAV:principal-property-search REPORT.

Uses of Report in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.simple that return Report
 Report DeltaVResourceImpl.getReport(ReportInfo reportInfo)

Uses of Report in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.version that return Report
 Report DeltaVResource.getReport(ReportInfo reportInfo)
          Runs the report specified by the given ReportInfo.

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Classes in that implement Report
 class CompareBaselineReport
 class ExpandPropertyReport
          ExpandPropertyReport encapsulates the DAV:expand-property report, that provides a mechanism for retrieving in one request the properties from the resources identified by those DAV:href elements.
 class LatestActivityVersionReport
          LatestActivityVersionReport is applied to a version history to identify the latest version that is selected from that version history by a given activity.
 class LocateByHistoryReport
          LocateByHistoryReport encapsulates the DAV:locate-by-hisotry report, that may be used to locate a version-controlled resource for that version history.
 class VersionTreeReport
          VersionTreeReport encapsulates the DAV:version-tree report.

Methods in that return Report
 Report ReportType.createReport(DeltaVResource resource, ReportInfo info)
          Creates a new Report with this type.

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