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 User UserManager.createUser(String userID, String password)
          Creates an User for the given userID / password pair; neither of the specified parameters can be null.
Same as UserManager.createUser(String,String,Principal,String) where the specified userID is equal to the principal name and the intermediate path is null.
 User UserManager.createUser(String userID, String password, Principal principal, String intermediatePath)
          Creates an User for the given parameters.

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protected  User DefaultLoginModule.user

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 class UserImpl

Methods in that return User
 User UserManagerImpl.createUser(String userID, String password)
 User UserManagerImpl.createUser(String userID, String password, Principal principal, String intermediatePath)
protected  User UserManagerImpl.doCreateUser(NodeImpl node)
          Build the user object from the given user node.

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