Class QueryConstraint

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.constraint.SelectorBasedConstraint
      extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.constraint.QueryConstraint
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
FullTextConstraint, PropertyExistenceConstraint

public abstract class QueryConstraint
extends SelectorBasedConstraint

QueryConstraint implements a constraint that is based on a lucene query.

Constructor Summary
QueryConstraint( constraint, SelectorImpl selector, LuceneQueryFactory factory)
          Creates a new query constraint using the given lucene query.
Method Summary
 boolean evaluate(ScoreNode[] row, Name[] selectorNames, EvaluationContext context)
          Evaluates this constraint for the given row.
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Constructor Detail


public QueryConstraint( constraint,
                       SelectorImpl selector,
                       LuceneQueryFactory factory)
Creates a new query constraint using the given lucene query.

constraint - the lucene query constraint.
selector - the selector for this constraint.
factory - the lucene query factory.
Method Detail


public boolean evaluate(ScoreNode[] row,
                        Name[] selectorNames,
                        EvaluationContext context)
                 throws IOException
Evaluates this constraint for the given row.

row - the current row of score nodes.
selectorNames - the selector names associated with row.
context - the evaluation context.
true if the row satisfies the constraint, false otherwise.
IOException - if an error occurs while evaluating the constraint.

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