Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.util.db

Interface Summary
DatabaseAware Bean components (i.e., classes that appear in the repository descriptor) that implement this interface will get the repositories ConnectionFactory instance injected just after construction and before initialization.

Class Summary
CheckSchemaOperation An operation which synchronously checks the DB schema in the method.
ConnectionFactory A factory for new database connections.
ConnectionHelper This class provides convenience methods to execute SQL statements.
DataSourceWrapper This class delegates all calls to the corresponding method on the wrapped DataSource except for the DataSourceWrapper.getConnection() method, which delegates to DataSource#getConnection(String, String) with the username and password which are given on construction.
DbUtility This class contains some database utility methods.
Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper The connection helper for Oracle databases of version up to 10.1.
OracleConnectionHelper The connection helper for Oracle databases of version 10.2 and later.
ResultSetWrapper This is a dynamic proxy in order to support both Java 5 and 6.

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