Package org.apache.jackrabbit.test.api.version.simple

Class Summary
AbstractVersionTest AbstractVersionTest is the abstract base class for all simple versioning related test classes.
BasicTest BasicTest checks if simple versioning is correctly set up
CheckinTest CheckinTest covers tests related to Node.checkin() on simple versionable nodes.
CheckoutTest SVCheckoutTest covers tests related to Node.checkout() and Node.isCheckedOut() of simple versionable nodes.
CopyTest CopyTest checks if simple versionable nodes are copied correctly: 15.1.4 Copying Versionable Nodes and Version Lineage Under both simple and full versioning, when an existing versionable node N is copied to a new location either in the same workspace or another, and the repository preserves the versionable mixin (see 10.7.4 Dropping Mixins on Copy): - A copy of N, call it M, is created, as usual.
FrozenNodeTest SVFrozenNodeTest covers tests related to frozen nodes in simple versioning
RestoreTest RestoreTest covers tests related to the restore methods available on Node in simple versioning: Node.restore(String, boolean) Node.restore(Version, boolean) Node.restore(Version, String, boolean)
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