Contains JCR specific reports.


Class Summary
AbstractJcrReport AbstractJcrReport...
ExportViewReport ExportViewReport handles REPORT requests for the 'exportview' report.
JcrPrivilegeReport JcrPrivilegeReport...
LocateByUuidReport LocateByUuidReport handles REPORT requests for the 'locate-by-uuid' report.
LocateCorrespondingNodeReport LocateCorrespondingNodeReport is used to identify the resource that represents the corresponding node in another workspace.
NodeTypesReport NodeTypesReport allows to retrieve the definition of a single or multiple node types.
RegisteredNamespacesReport RegisteredNamespacesReport let the client retrieve the namespaces registered on the repository.

Request body:

RepositoryDescriptorsReport RepositoryDescriptorsReport allows to retrieve the repository descriptors.

Package Description

Contains JCR specific reports.

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