Package org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.cnd

Class Summary
CndImporter Utility class for importing compact node type definitions.
CompactNodeTypeDefReader<T,N> CompactNodeTypeDefReader.
DefinitionBuilderFactory<T,N> Builder for node type definitions, node definitions and property definitions.
DefinitionBuilderFactory.AbstractItemDefinitionBuilder<T> Builder for item definitions of type T
DefinitionBuilderFactory.AbstractNodeDefinitionBuilder<T> Builder for child node definitions of type T
DefinitionBuilderFactory.AbstractNodeTypeDefinitionBuilder<T> Builder for a node type definition of type T.
DefinitionBuilderFactory.AbstractPropertyDefinitionBuilder<T> Builder for property definitions of type T
Lexer Lexer of the CND definition.
TemplateBuilderFactory This implementation of DefinitionBuilderFactory can be used with the CompactNodeTypeDefReader to produce node type definitions of type NodeTypeTemplate and a namespace map of type NamespaceRegistry.

Exception Summary
ParseException ParseException

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