Class RepositoryManagerImpl

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.core.RepositoryManagerImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RepositoryManagerImpl
extends Object
implements RepositoryManager

The repository manager implementation.

Method Summary
 DataStoreGarbageCollector createDataStoreGarbageCollector()
          Create a data store garbage collector for this repository.
 void stop()
          Shuts down the repository.
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Method Detail


public DataStoreGarbageCollector createDataStoreGarbageCollector()
                                                          throws RepositoryException
Description copied from interface: RepositoryManager
Create a data store garbage collector for this repository.

Specified by:
createDataStoreGarbageCollector in interface RepositoryManager
the data store garbage collector if the data store is enabled, null otherwise


public void stop()
Description copied from interface: RepositoryManager
Shuts down the repository. A Jackrabbit repository instance contains a acquired resources and cached data that needs to be released and persisted when the repository is no longer used. This method handles all these shutdown tasks and should therefore be called by the client application once the repository instance is no longer used.

Possible errors are logged rather than thrown as exceptions as there is little that a client application could do in such a case.

Specified by:
stop in interface RepositoryManager

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