Class ConnectionFactory

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.core.persistence.bundle.ConnectionFactory

public class ConnectionFactory
extends Object

A factory for new database connections. Supported are regular JDBC drivers, as well as JNDI resources.

Method Summary
static Connection getConnection(String driver, String url, String user, String password)
          Open a connection using the specified properties.
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Method Detail


public static Connection getConnection(String driver,
                                       String url,
                                       String user,
                                       String password)
                                throws RepositoryException,
Open a connection using the specified properties. The connection can be created using a JNDI Data Source as well. To do that, the driver class name must reference a javax.naming.Context class (for example javax.naming.InitialContext), and the URL must be the JNDI URL (for example java:comp/env/jdbc/Test).

driver - the JDBC driver or the Context class
url - the database URL
user - the user name
password - the password
the connection
RepositoryException - if the driver could not be loaded
SQLException - if the connection could not be established

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