Class TransientItemStateManager

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.state.TransientItemStateManager
All Implemented Interfaces:
ItemStateCreationListener, ItemStateLifeCycleListener

public class TransientItemStateManager
extends Object
implements ItemStateCreationListener

TransientItemStateManager adds support for transient changes on ItemStates and also provides methods to create new item states. While all other modifications can be invoked on the item state instances itself, creating a new node state is done using createNewNodeState(Name, String, Name, QNodeDefinition, NodeState) and createNewPropertyState(Name, NodeState, QPropertyDefinition, QValue[], int).

Method Summary
 void created(ItemState state)
 void statusChanged(ItemState state, int previousStatus)
          Depending on status of the given state adapt change log.
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Method Detail


public void statusChanged(ItemState state,
                          int previousStatus)
Depending on status of the given state adapt change log. E.g. a revert on states will reset the status from 'existing modified' to 'existing'. A state which changes from 'existing' to 'existing modified' will go into the modified set of the change log, etc.

Specified by:
statusChanged in interface ItemStateLifeCycleListener
state - the item state, which changed its status.
previousStatus - the previous status of state.
See Also:
ItemStateLifeCycleListener.statusChanged(ItemState, int)


public void created(ItemState state)
Specified by:
created in interface ItemStateCreationListener
See Also:

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