Package org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2spi.state

Interface Summary
ItemState.MergeResult A MergeResult represents the result of a ItemState.merge(ItemState, boolean) operation.
ItemStateCreationListener ItemStateCreationListener...
ItemStateFactory ItemStateFactory provides methods to create child NodeStates and PropertyStates for a given NodeState.
ItemStateLifeCycleListener ItemStateLifeCycleListener allows an implementing class to get notifications about the life cycle of an item state.
TransientItemStateFactory TransientItemStateFactory extends the item state factory and adds new methods for creating node states and property states that are new.
UpdatableItemStateManager An ItemStateManager that deals with state modifications.

Class Summary
AbstractItemStateFactory AbstractItemStateFactory...
ChangeLog Registers changes made to states and references and consolidates empty changes.
ItemState ItemState represents the state of an Item.
ItemStateValidator Utility class for validating an item state against constraints specified by its definition.
NodeState NodeState represents the state of a Node.
PropertyState PropertyState represents the state of a Property.
SessionItemStateManager SessionItemStateManager ...
Status Status...
TransientISFactory TransientISFactory...
TransientItemStateManager TransientItemStateManager adds support for transient changes on ItemStates and also provides methods to create new item states.
WorkspaceItemStateFactory WorkspaceItemStateFactory...

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