Class Queue

  extended by org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.observation.Queue

public class Queue
extends Object

The Queue class is a very simple queue assuming that there is at least one consumer and potentially multiple producers. This class poses no restrictions on the size of the queue.

Constructor Summary
          Creates an instance of this queue.
Method Summary
 Object get(long timeout)
          Returns the first element from the queue.
 void put(Object object)
          Appends the given object to the end of the queue.
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Constructor Detail


public Queue()
Creates an instance of this queue.

Method Detail


public void put(Object object)
Appends the given object to the end of the queue.

After appending the element, the queue is notified such that threads waiting to retrieve an element from the queue are woken up.

object - the object to be added


public Object get(long timeout)
           throws InterruptedException
Returns the first element from the queue. If the queue is currently empty the method waits at most the given number of milliseconds.

timeout - The maximum number of milliseconds to wait for an entry in the queue if the queue is empty. If zero, the method waits forever for an element.
The first element of the queue or null if the method timed out waiting for an entry.
InterruptedException - Is thrown if the current thread is interrupted while waiting for the queue to get at least one entry.

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