Package org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.logging

Interface Summary
AbstractLogger.Callable Type of thunk used in {@link AbstractLogger#execute(Callable, String, Object[])
AbstractLogger.SafeCallable Type of thunk used in {@link AbstractLogger#execute(SafeCallable, String, Object[])
LogWriter A LogWriter provides methods for persisting log messages by some implementation specific means.
LogWriterProvider LogWriterProvider instances provide LogWriters for the individual SPI entities.

Class Summary
AbstractLogger Common base class for all log wrappers of SPI entities.
BatchLogger Log wrapper for a Batch.
IdFactoryLogger Log wrapper for an IdFactory.
NameFactoryLogger Log wrapper for a NameFactory.
PathFactoryLogger Log wrapper for a PathFactory.
QValueFactoryLogger Log wrapper for a QValueFactory.
RepositoryServiceLogger Log wrapper for a RepositoryService.
SessionInfoLogger Log wrapper for a SessionInfo.
Slf4jLogWriter LogWriter implementation which uses SLF4J for persisting log messages.
Slf4jLogWriterProvider LogWriterProvider instance which provides Slf4jLogWriters.
SpiLoggerFactory Static factory for creating instances of the various spi loggers derived from AbstractLogger.
WriterLogWriter LogWriter implementation which uses a Writer for persisting log messages.
WriterLogWriterProvider LogWriterProvider instance which provides WriterLogWriters.

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