Package org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons

Interface Summary
ItemInfoBuilder.Listener A listener for receiving notifications about items built by the builders in this class.

Class Summary
AbstractReadableRepositoryService AbstractReadableRepositoryService provides an abstract base class where all methods that attempt to write throw an UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException.
AbstractRepositoryService AbstractRepositoryService provides an abstract base class for repository service implementations.
ChildInfoImpl ChildInfoImpl implements a serializable ChildInfo.
EventBundleImpl EventBundleImpl implements a serializable EventBundle.
EventFilterImpl EventFilterImpl is the simple bean style implementation of an EventFilter.
EventImpl EventImpl implements a serializable SPI Event.
ItemInfoBuilder Utility class providing a ItemInfoBuilder.NodeInfoBuilder for building NodeInfo.
ItemInfoBuilder.NodeInfoBuilder Builder for NodeInfos.
ItemInfoBuilder.PropertyInfoBuilder Builder for PropertyInfos.
ItemInfoCacheImpl This implementation of ItemInfoCache has a default size of 5000 items.
ItemInfoImpl ItemInfoImpl is a base class for ItemInfo implementations.
LockInfoImpl LockInfoImpl implements a serializable LockInfo based on another lock info.
NodeInfoImpl NodeInfoImpl implements a serializable NodeInfo based on another node info.
PropertyInfoImpl PropertyInfoImpl implements a serializable PropertyInfo based on another property info.
QItemDefinitionImpl This abstract class implements the QItemDefinition interface and additionally provides setter methods for the various item definition attributes.
QNodeDefinitionImpl QNodeDefinitionImpl implements a QNodeDefinition.
QNodeTypeDefinitionImpl QNodeTypeDefinitionImpl implements a serializable SPI node type definition.
QPropertyDefinitionImpl QPropertyDefinitionImpl implements SPI property definition interface.
SerializableBatch SerializableBatch implements a serializable SPI Batch, which simply records all calls and replays them when asked for.
SessionInfoImpl SessionInfoImpl is a serializable bean based implementation of SessionInfo.

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