Package org.apache.jackrabbit.util

Class Summary
Base64 Base64 provides Base64 encoding/decoding of strings and streams.
ChildrenCollector ChildrenCollector is a utility class which can be used to 'collect' child elements of a node.
ChildrenCollectorFilter ChildrenCollectorFilter is a utility class which can be used to 'collect' child items of a node whose names match a certain pattern.
ISO8601 The ISO8601 utility class provides helper methods to deal with date/time formatting using a specific ISO8601-compliant format (see ISO 8601).
ISO9075 Implements the encode and decode routines as specified for XML name to SQL identifier conversion in ISO 9075-14:2003.
If a character c is not valid at a certain position in an XML 1.0 NCName it is encoded in the form: '_x' + hexValueOf(c) + '_'.
LazyFileInputStream This Class implements an InputStream that provides the same functionality as a FileInputStream but opens the file by the first file access.
Locked Locked is a utility to synchronize modifications on a lockable node.
Text This Class provides some text related utilities
Timer Timer wraps the standard Java Timer class and implements a guaranteed shutdown of the background thread running in the Timer instance after a certain Timer.IDLE_TIME.
Timer.Task Extends the TimerTask with callback hooks to this Timer implementation.
TransientFileFactory The TransientFileFactory utility class can be used to create transient files, i.e.
WeakIdentityCollection WeakIdentityCollection implements a Collection with weak values.
XMLChar This class defines the basic XML character properties.

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