Interfaces and classes related to WebDAV properties.


Interface Summary
DavProperty<T> The Property class represents a Property of a WebDAV resource.
DavPropertyIterator The DavPropertyIterator extends the Iterator by a property specific next() method.
DavPropertyNameIterator DavPropertyNameIterator...
PropEntry Marker interface used to flag the different types of entries that form part of a PROPPATCH request and define the possible entries for a PropContainer.

Class Summary
AbstractDavProperty<T> AbstractDavProperty provides generic METHODS used by various implementations of the DavProperty interface.
DavPropertyName The DavPropertyName class reflects a Webdav property name.
DavPropertyNameSet DavPropertyNameSet represents a Set of DavPropertyName objects.
DavPropertySet The DavPropertySet class represents a set of WebDAV property.
DefaultDavProperty<T> DefaultDavProperty...
HrefProperty HrefProperty is an extension to the common DavProperty.
PropContainer PropContainer...
ResourceType The ResourceType class represents the webdav resource type property.

Package Description

Interfaces and classes related to WebDAV properties.

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