Interface Summary
AclResource AclResource...
SecurityConstants SecurityConstants interface lists constants defined by RFC 3744 (WebDAV Access Control Protocol).

Class Summary
AclProperty AclProperty defines a protected property that specifies the list of access control entries (ACEs).
AclProperty.Ace Simple WebDAV ACE implementation
AclRestrictionsProperty AclRestrictionsProperty as defined by RFC 3744 Section 5.6.
CurrentUserPrivilegeSetProperty CurrentUserPrivilegeSetProperty...
Principal Principal encapsulates the DAV:principal element which identifies the principal to which this ACE applies.
Privilege Privilege
SupportedPrivilege SupportedPrivilege...
SupportedPrivilegeSetProperty SupportedPrivilegeSetProperty defines the SecurityConstants.SUPPORTED_PRIVILEGE_SET property, used to identify the privileges defined for the resource.

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