Interface TransactionDavServletRequest

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DavServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.ServletRequest
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public interface TransactionDavServletRequest
extends DavServletRequest

TransactionDavServletRequest provides extensions to the DavServletRequest interface used for dealing with transaction lock requests.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 String getTransactionId()
          Retrieve the transaction id from the TransactionId header.
 TransactionInfo getTransactionInfo()
          Retrieve the 'transactioninfo' request body that must be included with the UNLOCK request of a transaction lock.
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Method Detail


TransactionInfo getTransactionInfo()
                                   throws DavException
Retrieve the 'transactioninfo' request body that must be included with the UNLOCK request of a transaction lock. If the request body is does not provide the information required (either because it is missing or the Xml is not valid) null is returned.

TransactionInfo object encapsulating the 'transactioninfo' Xml element present in the request body or null if no body is present or if it could not be parsed.
DavException - if an invalid request body is present.


String getTransactionId()
Retrieve the transaction id from the TransactionId header.

transaction id as present in the TransactionId header or null.

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