Package org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.flat

Interface Summary
NodeSequence Extension of Sequence<Node> which provides methods for adding and removing nodes by key.
PropertySequence Extension of Sequence<Property> which provides methods for adding and removing properties by key.
Sequence<T extends Item> Interface for accessing JCR Items sequentially through an Iterator or looking them up through a key.
SizedIterator<T> SizedIterator extends Iterator with a getSize method.
TreeManager TreeManager instances are responsible for the mapping between sequence views of Nodes and Propertys and an hierarchical JCR representation.
TreeTraverser.ErrorHandler Error handler for handling RepositoryExceptions occurring on traversal.
TreeTraverser.InclusionPolicy<T extends Item> Inclusion policy to determine which items to include when traversing.

Class Summary
BTreeManager This TreeManager implementation provides B+-tree like behavior.
FilterIterator<T> Iterator filtering out items which do not match a given predicate.
ItemSequence This class serves as main entry point for obtaining sequences of Node s and Propertys.
Rank<T> This class does efficient ranking of values of type T wrt. to a Comparator for T.
TreeTraverser Utility class for traversing the Items of a JCR hierarchy rooted at a specific Node.

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