Uses of Interface

Packages that use RepositoryFactory

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.repository

Classes in org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.repository that implement RepositoryFactory
 class JNDIRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a repository from JNDI.
 class SingletonRepositoryFactory
          Repository factory that always returns the same configured repository.

Constructors in org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.repository with parameters of type RepositoryFactory
ProxyRepository(RepositoryFactory factory)
          Creates a proxy for the repository (or repositories) accessible through the given factory.

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee

Methods in org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee that return RepositoryFactory
 RepositoryFactory RepositoryStartupServlet.getRepositoryFactory()
          Returns a repository factory that returns the repository if available or throws an exception if not.

Uses of RepositoryFactory in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet

Classes in org.apache.jackrabbit.servlet that implement RepositoryFactory
 class FilterRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a repository from the context of a given filter.
 class ServletRepositoryFactory
          Factory that looks up a repository from the context of a given servlet.

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