Interface IterablePersistenceManager

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AbstractBundlePersistenceManager, BundleDbPersistenceManager, BundleFsPersistenceManager, DerbyPersistenceManager, H2PersistenceManager, MSSqlPersistenceManager, MySqlPersistenceManager, Oracle9PersistenceManager, OraclePersistenceManager, PostgreSQLPersistenceManager

public interface IterablePersistenceManager
extends PersistenceManager

The iterable persistence manager can return the list of node ids that are stored. Possible applications are backup, migration (copying a workspace or repository), and data store garbage collection.

Method Summary
 Iterable<NodeId> getAllNodeIds(NodeId after, int maxCount)
          Get all node ids.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.jackrabbit.core.persistence.PersistenceManager
checkConsistency, close, createNew, createNew, exists, exists, existsReferencesTo, init, load, load, loadReferencesTo, store

Method Detail


Iterable<NodeId> getAllNodeIds(NodeId after,
                               int maxCount)
                               throws ItemStateException,
Get all node ids. A typical application will call this method multiple times, where 'after' is the last row read. The maxCount parameter defines the maximum number of node ids returned, 0 meaning no limit. The order of the node ids is specific for the given persistent manager. Items that are added concurrently may not be included.

after - the lower limit, or null for no limit.
maxCount - the maximum number of node ids to return, or 0 for no limit.
an iterator of all bundles.
ItemStateException - if an error while loading occurs.
RepositoryException - if a repository exception occurs

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