Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.persistence.util

Interface Summary
BLOBStore BLOBStore represents an abstract store for binary property values (BLOBs).
ResourceBasedBLOBStore ResourceBasedBLOBStore extends the BLOBStore interface with the method ResourceBasedBLOBStore.getResource(String) Note that The DataStore should nowadays be used instead of the BLOBStore.

Class Summary
BundleBinding This Class implements efficient serialization methods for item states.
ErrorHandling ErrorHandling configuration abstraction class
FileBasedIndex Implements a StringIndex that is based on a hashmap and persists the names as property file.
FileSystemBLOBStore FileSystemBLOBStore is a ResourceBasedBLOBStore implementation that stores BLOB data in a FileSystem.
HashMapIndex Implements a StringIndex that is based on a hashmap.
NodePropBundle This Class provides a simple structure to hold the nodestate and related propertystate data.
NodePropBundle.ChildNodeEntry Helper class for a child node entry
NodePropBundle.PropertyEntry Helper class for a property enrty
Serializer Serializer is a utility class that provides static methods for serializing & deserializing ItemState and NodeReferences objects using a simple binary serialization format.

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