Package org.apache.jackrabbit.core.xml

Interface Summary
Importer Content importer.
ProtectedItemImporter ProtectedItemImporter...
ProtectedNodeImporter ProtectedNodeImporter provides means to import protected Nodes and the subtree defined below such nodes.
ProtectedPropertyImporter ProtectedPropertyImporter is in charge of importing single properties with a protected QPropertyDefinition.
TextValue TextValue represents a serialized property value read from a System or Document View XML document.

Class Summary
AccessControlImporter AccessControlImporter implements a ProtectedNodeImporter that is able to deal with access control content as defined by the default ac related node types present with jackrabbit-core.
ClonedInputSource Input source that clones existing input source.
DefaultProtectedItemImporter DefaultProtectedItemImporter...
DefaultProtectedNodeImporter Default implementation that isn't able to handle any protected nodes.
DefaultProtectedPropertyImporter Default implementation that isn't able to handle any protected properties.
ImportHandler An ImportHandler instance can be used to import serialized data in System View XML or Document View XML.
NodeInfo Information about a node being imported.
PropInfo Information about a property being imported.
SessionImporter SessionImporter ...
WorkspaceImporter WorkspaceImporter ...

Enum Summary
PropInfo.MultipleStatus Hint indicating whether the property is multi- or single-value

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