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Packages that use IOContext The jackrabbit webdav server uses the classes defined in this package in order to perform import and export operations in order to respond to PUT, MKCOL, PROPPATCH and PROPFIND, GET, HEAD requests, respectively. 

Uses of IOContext in

Subinterfaces of IOContext in
 interface ExportContext
 interface ImportContext
 interface PropertyExportContext
          PropertyExportContext represents a marker interface to distinguish the ExportContext (which is mainly used to export data and some fundamental properties) from a context that is used to export properties only.
 interface PropertyImportContext

Classes in that implement IOContext
 class AbstractExportContext
          AbstractExportContext covers methods common to most ExportContext implementations.
 class ExportContextImpl
          ExportContextImpl implements an ExportContext that wraps around the specified OutputContext as it was passed to DavResource.spool(OutputContext).
 class ImportContextImpl

Methods in with parameters of type IOContext
 void IOListener.onBegin(IOHandler handler, IOContext context)
          The import/export context has been passed to the given IOHandler
 void DefaultIOListener.onBegin(IOHandler handler, IOContext ioContext)
 void IOListener.onEnd(IOHandler handler, IOContext context, boolean success)
          The specified IOHandler finished.
 void DefaultIOListener.onEnd(IOHandler handler, IOContext ioContext, boolean success)
 void IOListener.onError(IOHandler ioHandler, IOContext context, Exception e)
          An expection occured during import/export within the specified IOHandler.
 void DefaultIOListener.onError(IOHandler ioHandler, IOContext ioContext, Exception e)

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