Package org.apache.jackrabbit.spi.commons.nodetype

Interface Summary
NodeTypeStorage NodeTypeStorage provides means for storing QNodeTypeDefinitions.

Class Summary
AbstractNodeType AbstractNodeType...
AbstractNodeTypeManager AbstractNodeTypeManager covers creation of node type templates and definition templates.
NodeDefinitionImpl This class implements the NodeDefinition interface.
NodeTypeDefDiff A NodeTypeDefDiff represents the result of the comparison of two node type definitions.
NodeTypeDefinitionFactory NodeTypeDefinitionFactory can be used to convert the internal SPI node type definitions to JCR NodeTypeDefinitions.
NodeTypeDefinitionImpl AbstractNodeTypeDefinition...
NodeTypeStorageImpl This implementation of NodeTypeStorage keeps a map of the registered QNodeTypeDefinition in memory.
NodeTypeTemplateImpl A NodeTypeTemplateImpl ...
PropertyDefinitionImpl This class implements the PropertyDefinition interface.
QDefinitionBuilderFactory This implementation of DefinitionBuilderFactory can be used with the CompactNodeTypeDefReader to produce node type definitions of type QNodeTypeDefinition and a namespace map of type NamespaceMapping.
QItemDefinitionBuilder A builder for QItemDefinition.
QNodeDefinitionBuilder A builder for a QNodeDefinition.
QNodeTypeDefinitionBuilder A builder for QNodeTypeDefinition.
QPropertyDefinitionBuilder A builder for QPropertyDefinition.

Exception Summary
InvalidConstraintException The InvalidConstraintException ...
NodeTypeConflictException The NodeTypeConflictException ...

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