Package org.apache.jackrabbit.standalone.cli.core

Class Summary
AbstractSetProperty SetProperty superclass.
AddNode Add a node to the current working Node
ClearWorkspace Remove all the content from the current working Workspace
Clone Clone the given Node to another Workspace
Copy Copy a Node.
CurrentNode Set the current working Node
Login Login to the current working Repository
Logout Logout from the current working Repository
Move Move a Node
OrderBefore Set the order of the given Node
ReadValue Read the Value of the given Property and store it under the given Context attribute.
Refresh Refresh the Item if specified or the Session to reflect the current saved state.
RemoveItem Remove the Item at the given path
RemoveItems Remove any Item under the given Node that match the given name pattern.
Rename Rename a Node
The persistent flag indicates whether to use the session or the workspace to perform the move command
Save Save the current working Item if specified, or the current working Session
SetBinaryProperty Set a binary Property
SetMultivalueProperty Set a multivalue Property to the current working Node.
SetProperty Set a Property Value to the current working Node

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