Class Summary
AbstractLs Ls superclass
AbstractLsItems List items superclass
AbstractLsNodes List nodes.
AbstractLsProperties List properties superclass
Cat Display the content of a Property or a Node of type nt:file or nt:resource.
Describe Describes the given Node.
Dump Dump stored data from the current working Node
Help Show available Commands.
LsCollectedItems Lists collected Items.
LsCollectedNodes Lists collected Nodes.
LsCollectedProperties Lists collected Propertys.
LsItems List items name type isNode isNew isModified
LsNamespaces Lists the registered namespaces.
LsNodes List the Nodes under the current working Node that match the given pattern.
LsProperties Property fields: name multiple type length
LsReferences Displays references to the given Node
LsVersions List the Version s in the VersionHistory.

Exception Summary
JcrInfoCommandException Exception thrown by Info Commands

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