Package org.apache.jackrabbit.test.api.version

Class Summary
AbstractMergeTest AbstractMergeTest is the abstract base class for all merge related test classes.
AbstractOnParentVersionTest AbstractOnParentVersionTest: the abstract base class for all tests related to OnParentVersion issues.
AbstractVersionTest AbstractVersionTest is the abstract base class for all versioning related test classes.
ActivitiesTest ActivitiesTest covers methods related to the Activities feature in Versioning.
CheckinTest CheckinTest covers tests related to Node.checkin().
CheckoutTest CheckoutTest covers tests related to Node.checkout() and Node.isCheckedOut().
ConfigurationsTest ConfigurationsTest covers methods related to the Configurations feature in Versioning.
CopyTest CopyTest checks if full versionable nodes are copied correctly: 15.1.4 Copying Versionable Nodes and Version Lineage Under both simple and full versioning, when an existing versionable node N is copied to a new location either in the same workspace or another, and the repository preserves the versionable mixin (see 10.7.4 Dropping Mixins on Copy): - A copy of N, call it M, is created, as usual
FrozenNodeTest CheckinTest covers tests related to Node.checkin().
GetContainingHistoryTest GetContainingHistoryTest provides test methods covering Version.getContainingHistory().
GetCreatedTest GetCreatedTest provides test methods covering Version.getCreated().
GetPredecessorsTest GetPredecessorsTest provides test methods covering Version.getPredecessors(), Version.getLinearPredecessor() and Version.getLinearSuccessor().
GetReferencesNodeTest GetReferencesNodeTest contains test to check if references are returned from versions.
GetVersionableUUIDTest GetVersionableUUIDTest provides test methods covering VersionHistory.getVersionableUUID() and VersionHistory.getVersionableIdentifier().
MergeActivityTest MergeActivityTest contains tests dealing with merging activities
MergeCancelMergeTest MergeCancelMergeTest contains tests dealing with nodes on which cancelMerge is called.
MergeCheckedoutSubNodeTest MergeCheckedoutSubNodeTest contains tests dealing with checked-out nodes in the subtree of the node on which merge is called.
MergeDoneMergeTest MergeDoneMergeTest contains test dealing with nodes on which doneMerge is called.
MergeNodeIteratorTest MergeNodeIteratorTest tests if Node.merge(String, boolean) if bestEffort is true returns a NodeIterator over all versionalbe nodes in the subtree that received a merge result of fail.
MergeNodeTest MergeNodeTest contains tests dealing with general merge node calls.
MergeNonVersionableSubNodeTest MergeNonVersionableSubNodeTest contains test dealing with nonversionable nodes in the subtree of the node on which merge is called.
MergeShallowTest MergeShallowTest contains tests dealing with general shallow merge calls.
MergeSubNodeTest MergeSubNodeTest contains tests dealing with sub nodes in the subtree of the node on which merge is called.
OnParentVersionAbortTest OnParentVersionAbortTest tests the OnParentVersion ABORT behaviour.
OnParentVersionComputeTest OnParentVersionComputeTest tests the OnParentVersion COMPUTE behaviour.
OnParentVersionCopyTest OnParentVersionCopyTest tests the OnParentVersion COPY behaviour.
OnParentVersionIgnoreTest OnParentVersionIgnoreTest tests the OnParentVersion IGNORE behaviour.
OnParentVersionInitializeTest OnParentVersionInitializeTest tests the INITIALIZE behaviour.
RemoveVersionTest RemoveVersionTest provides test methods covering VersionHistory.removeVersion(String).
RestoreTest RestoreTest covers tests related to the restore methods available on Node: Node.restore(String, boolean) Node.restore(javax.jcr.version.Version, boolean) Node.restore(javax.jcr.version.Version, String, boolean)
SessionMoveVersionExceptionTest SessionMoveVersionExceptionTest contains tests dealing with moving nodes using Session.move(String, String).
TestAll Test suite that includes all testcases for the package javax.jcr.version.
VersionGraphTest VersionGraphTest contains test methods related to version graph issues.
VersionHistoryTest VersionHistoryTest provides test methods related to version history methods and general version history issues.
VersionLabelTest VersionLabelTest covers methods related to version label such as VersionHistory.addVersionLabel(String, String, boolean) VersionHistory.removeVersionLabel(String) Node.restoreByLabel(String, boolean) VersionHistory.getVersionByLabel(String) VersionHistory.getVersionLabels() VersionHistory.hasVersionLabel(javax.jcr.version.Version, String) VersionHistory.hasVersionLabel(String) VersionHistory.hasVersionLabel(javax.jcr.version.Version, String)
VersionStorageTest VersionStorageTest provides tests regarding VersionHistory.addVersionLabel(String, String, boolean)
VersionTest VersionTest covers tests related to the methods of the Version class.
WorkspaceMoveVersionExceptionTest WorkspaceMoveVersionExceptionTest contains tests dealing with moving nodes using Workspace.move(String, String).
WorkspaceRestoreTest WorkspaceRestoreTest provides test methods for the Workspace.restore(javax.jcr.version.Version[], boolean) method.

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