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Jackrabbit Roadmap

This is a roadmap of future Apache Jackrabbit releases and features. See the dev@ list for the latest status.

Unstable/stable release model

Starting with Jackrabbit 2.3 we are adopting a “Linux-style” unstable/stable release model with odd/even minor version numbers used to mark the status of a release.

Unstable 2.3.x releases will be cut fairly frequently directly from Jackrabbit trunk, and a stable 2.4 release branch will be created later on. At current rate it looks like the 2.4 branch can be created before the end of 2011.

Once the 2.4 branch has been created, trunk will switch to 2.5.x and continue progressing towards 2.6, etc.

Maintenance branches

We currently support the following maintenance branches:

End of life

The Jackrabbit 1.6 maintenance branch has reached its end of life status. No more patch releases will be cut from the 1.6 branch, and the latest 1.6.5 release will be archived in December 2011.

There is currently no schedule for declaring the end of life of any of the stable 2.x maintenance branches.

Prototyping the future

The ongoing microkernel work in the Jackrabbit sandbox is being used to prototype a possible next generation architecture for a future major new Jackrabbit release.