Class FilterContentPackage.FilteringIterator

    • Field Detail

      • includeFilter

        protected Predicate includeFilter
        Filter that defines which items are included
      • contentIndex

        protected int contentIndex
      • pathIndex

        protected int pathIndex
      • nextItem

        protected Item nextItem
      • lastNode

        protected Node lastNode
      • session

        protected final Session session
      • includeProperties

        protected final boolean includeProperties
    • Constructor Detail

      • FilteringIterator

        public FilteringIterator​(Session session,
                                 List<FilterContentPackage.Content> contentList,
                                 boolean includeProperties)
        Creates a new tree walker that uses the given filter as include and traversal filter.
        session - The session.
        contentList - The list of content objects.
        includeProperties - Should properties be included.