Class NtFilePredicate

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    public class NtFilePredicate
    extends Object
    implements Predicate
    The nt file item filter matches all properties that are defined my the nt:file or nt:resource nodetype. the later only, if the respective nodes name is 'jcr:content'. Additionally the properties 'jcr:encoding' can be configured to be excluded.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NtFilePredicate

        public NtFilePredicate()
      • NtFilePredicate

        public NtFilePredicate​(boolean ignoreEncoding,
                               boolean ignoreMimeType)
    • Method Detail

      • isIgnoreEncoding

        public boolean isIgnoreEncoding()
        Returns the ignore encoding flag.
        the ignore encoding flag.
      • isIgnoreMimeType

        public boolean isIgnoreMimeType()
        Returns the ignore mime type flag.
        the ignore mime type flag.