Class QueryObjectModelBuilderRegistry

  • public class QueryObjectModelBuilderRegistry
    extends Object
    Implements a central access to QueryObjectModelBuilder instances.
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryObjectModelBuilderRegistry

        public QueryObjectModelBuilderRegistry()
    • Method Detail

      • getQueryObjectModelBuilder

        public static QueryObjectModelBuilder getQueryObjectModelBuilder​(String language)
                                                                  throws InvalidQueryException
        Returns the QueryObjectModelBuilder for language.
        language - the language of the query statement.
        the QueryObjectModelBuilder for language.
        InvalidQueryException - if there is no query object model builder for language.
      • getSupportedLanguages

        public static String[] getSupportedLanguages()
        Returns the set of query languages supported by all registered QueryObjectModelBuilder implementations.
        String array containing the names of the supported languages.