Class SecurityConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • SecurityConfig

        public SecurityConfig​(String name,
                              SecurityManagerConfig smc,
                              AccessManagerConfig amc,
                              LoginModuleConfig lmc)
        Creates a new security configuration.
        name - repository name for a JAAS app-entry configuration
        smc - security manager configuration
        amc - access manager configuration
        lmc - login module configuration (can be null)
    • Method Detail

      • getAppName

        public String getAppName()
        Returns the repository name. The repository name can be used for JAAS app-entry configuration.
        repository name
      • getSecurityManagerConfig

        public SecurityManagerConfig getSecurityManagerConfig()
        Returns the repository security manager configuration.
        access manager configuration
      • getAccessManagerConfig

        public AccessManagerConfig getAccessManagerConfig()
        Returns the repository access manager configuration.
        access manager configuration
      • getLoginModuleConfig

        public LoginModuleConfig getLoginModuleConfig()
        Returns the repository login module configuration.
        login module configuration, or null if standard JAAS mechanism should be used.