Class JNDIDatabaseFileSystem

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    public class JNDIDatabaseFileSystem
    extends DatabaseFileSystem
    This class should not be used because it is not database vendor specific. Each DatabaseFileSystem now supports getting the connection via JNDI by setting the driver to javax.naming.InitialContext and the URL to the JNDI name.

    Database file system that uses JNDI to acquire the database connection. The JNDI location of the DataSource to be used in given as the dataSourceLocation configuration property. See the DbFileSystem for more configuration details.

    WARNING: The acquired database connection is kept for the entire lifetime of the file system instance. The configured data source should be prepared for this.

    • Constructor Detail

      • JNDIDatabaseFileSystem

        public JNDIDatabaseFileSystem()
    • Method Detail

      • getDataSourceLocation

        public String getDataSourceLocation()
        Returns the JNDI location of the data source.
        data source location
      • setDataSourceLocation

        public void setDataSourceLocation​(String dataSourceLocation)
        Sets the JNDI location of the data source.
        dataSourceLocation - data source location