Class BindableRepository

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Repository, Referenceable, JackrabbitRepository

    public class BindableRepository
    extends AbstractRepository
    implements Repository, JackrabbitRepository, Referenceable, Serializable
    A referenceable and serializable content repository proxy. This class implements the Proxy design pattern (GoF) for the Jackrabbit Repository implementation. The proxy implementation delays the instantiation of the actual Repository instance and implements serialization and JNDI referenceability by keeping track of the repository configuration parameters.

    A BindableRepository instance contains the configuration file and home directory paths of a Jackrabbit repository. The separate init() method is used to create a transient RepositoryImpl instance to which all the JCR API calls are delegated.

    An instance of this class is normally always also initialized. The uninitialized state is only used briefly during the static construction, deserialization, and JNDI "referenciation".

    A JVM shutdown hook is used to make sure that the initialized repository is properly closed when the JVM shuts down. The RegistryHelper.unregisterRepository(javax.naming.Context, String) method should be used to explicitly close the repository if needed.

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