Interface ConsistencyChecker

    • Method Detail

      • setEventChannel

        void setEventChannel​(UpdateEventChannel eventChannel)
        Set the update event channel. Needed to inform the cluster of any changes made during repairs.
        eventChannel - the update event channel
      • check

        ConsistencyReport check​(String[] uuids,
                                boolean recursive,
                                boolean fix,
                                String lostNFoundId,
                                ConsistencyCheckListener listener)
                         throws RepositoryException
        Perform a consistency check of the data. An example are non-existent nodes referenced in a child node entry. The existence of this feature and the scope of the implementation can vary in different PersistenceManager implementations.
        uuids - list of UUIDs of nodes to be checked. if null, all nodes will be checked
        recursive - if true, the tree(s) below the given node(s) will be traversed and checked as well
        fix - if true, any problems found that can be repaired will be repaired. if false, no data will be modified, instead all inconsistencies will only get logged
        lostNFoundId - node to which to attach orphaned nodes (or null, in which case orphaned nodes will not get moved); this node should be of a node type that allows adding arbitrary child nodes
        listener - to be called on each node that was checked (may be null)