Interface InternalBaseline

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    InternalVersion, InternalVersionItem

    public interface InternalBaseline
    extends InternalVersion
    This interface defines the internal baseline.

    A baseline is the state of a configuration at some point in time, recorded in version storage. A baseline is similar to a normal version except that instead of representing the state of a single node, it represents the state of an entire partial subgraph.

    The internal baseline is the version of the internal configuration.

    • Method Detail

      • getBaseVersions

        VersionSet getBaseVersions()
                            throws RepositoryException
        Returns the recorded base versions of all versionable nodes in the configuration.
        a map of base versions. the map key is the nodeid of the version history.
        RepositoryException - if an error occurs
      • getConfigurationId

        NodeId getConfigurationId()
        Returns the id of the nt:configuration node. this is basically the versionable id of the history.
        the configuration node id
      • getConfigurationRootId

        NodeId getConfigurationRootId()
        Returns the id of the root node of a workspace configuration. this is basically the jcr:root property of the frozen configuration.
        the configuration root node id