Interface LockStateManager

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    public interface LockStateManager
    Defines the functionality needed for locking and unlocking nodes.
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      void addLockToken​(String lt)
      Invoked by a session to inform that a lock token has been added.
      void checkLock​(NodeState nodeState)
      Check whether the given node state is locked by somebody else than the current session.
      Lock getLock​(NodeState nodeState)
      Returns the Lock object that applies to a node.
      String[] getLockTokens()  
      boolean isLocked​(NodeState nodeState)
      Returns true if this node is locked either as a result of a lock held by this node or by a deep lock on a node above this node; otherwise returns false.
      Lock lock​(NodeState nodeState, boolean isDeep, boolean isSessionScoped)
      Lock a node.
      Lock lock​(NodeState nodeState, boolean isDeep, boolean isSessionScoped, long timeoutHint, String ownerHint)
      Lock a node.
      void removeLockToken​(String lt)
      Invoked by a session to inform that a lock token has been removed.
      void unlock​(NodeState nodeState)
      Removes the lock on a node.