Class BasicCredentialsProvider

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    public class BasicCredentialsProvider
    extends Object
    implements CredentialsProvider
    This Class implements a credentials provider that extracts the credentials from the 'WWW-Authenticate' header and only supports 'Basic' authentication.
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        public Credentials getCredentials​(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
                                   throws LoginException,
        Extracts the credentials from the given servlet request. Build a Credentials object for the given authorization header. The creds may be used to login to the repository. If the specified header string is null the behaviour depends on the defaultHeaderValue field:
        • if this field is null, a LoginException is thrown. This is suitable for clients (eg. webdav clients) for with sending a proper authorization header is not possible, if the server never send a 401.
        • if this an empty string, null-credentials are returned, thus forcing an null login on the repository
        • if this field has a 'user:password' value, the respective simple credentials are generated.

        If the request header is present but cannot be parsed a ServletException is thrown.

        Specified by:
        getCredentials in interface CredentialsProvider
        request - the servlet request
        credentials or null.
        javax.servlet.ServletException - If the Authorization header cannot be decoded.
        LoginException - if no suitable auth header and missing-auth-mapping is not present