Interface DeleteManager

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    public interface DeleteManager
    The DeleteManager handles DELETE operation by delegating it to its handlers. It also provides a way to register DeleteHandler within it. Implementers of this interface must invoke the registered delete handlers appropriately when a DELETE operation is to be performed
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      • delete

        boolean delete​(DeleteContext deleteContext,
                       DavResource resource)
                throws DavException
        Delegates the delete operation to the fist handler that accepts it.
        deleteContext - The context associated with the DELETE operation
        resource - The resource to be deleted
        true if this instance successfully executed the delete operation with the given parameters; false otherwise.
        DavException - If an error occurs.
      • addDeleteHandler

        void addDeleteHandler​(DeleteHandler deleteHandler)
        Registers a delete handler
        deleteHandler - Registers a delete handler with this delete manager
      • getDeleteHandlers

        DeleteHandler[] getDeleteHandlers()
        Returns the registered delete handlers
        An array of all the registered delete handlers.