Interface ImportContext

    • Method Detail

      • getImportRoot

        Item getImportRoot()
        Returns the import root of the resource to import, i.e. the parent node of the new content to be created.
        the import root of the resource to import.
      • getSystemId

        String getSystemId()
        Returns the system id of the resource to be imported. This id depends on the system the resource is coming from. it can be a filename, a display name of a webdav resource, an URI, etc.
        the system id of the resource to import
      • getInputStream

        InputStream getInputStream()
        Returns the input stream of the data to import or null if there are none.
        the input stream.
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      • getModificationTime

        long getModificationTime()
        Returns the modification time of the resource or the current time if the modification time has not been set.
        the modification time.
      • getContentLanguage

        String getContentLanguage()
        Returns the content language or null
      • getContentLength

        long getContentLength()
        Returns the length of the data or -1 if the content length could not be determined.
        the content length
      • getMimeType

        String getMimeType()
        Returns the main media type. It should be retrieved from a content type (as present in a http request) or from the systemId. If either value is undefined null should be returned.
        the mimetype of the resource to be imported
      • getEncoding

        String getEncoding()
        Returns the encoding extracted from a content type as present in a request header or null
        the encoding to be used for importing