Class MalformedPathException

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    public class MalformedPathException
    extends NameException
    Thrown when a malformed JCR path string is encountered. This exception is thrown when attempting to parse a JCR path string that does not match the JCR path syntax, contains an invalid path element, or is otherwise not well formed.

    See the section 4.6 of the JCR 1.0 specification for details of the JCR path syntax.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • MalformedPathException

        public MalformedPathException​(String message)
        Creates a MalformedPathException with the given error message.
        message - error message
      • MalformedPathException

        public MalformedPathException​(String message,
                                      Throwable rootCause)
        Creates a MalformedPathException with the given error message and root cause exception.
        message - error message
        rootCause - root cause exception