Class PropertyTest

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    public class PropertyTest
    extends AbstractJCRTest
    PropertyTest contains all test cases for the javax.jcr.Property that are related to writing, modifying or deleting properties (level 2 of the specification).
    • nodetype name of a node type. The node at testroot must allow child nodes with this node.
    • nodename1 name of a child node at testroot.
    • propertyname1 name of a string property in nodetype.
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      • PropertyTest

        public PropertyTest()
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      • testIsSameMustNotCompareStates

        public void testIsSameMustNotCompareStates()
                                            throws RepositoryException
        Tests if Item.isSame(Item otherItem) will return true when two Property objects representing the same actual repository item have been retrieved through two different sessions and one has been modified.
        JCR 2.0