Class WorkspaceCopyTest

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class WorkspaceCopyTest
    extends AbstractJCRTest
    WorkspaceCopyTest contains tests for copying nodes in one workspace.
    • Field Detail

      • node1

        protected Node node1
        A referenceable node in default workspace
      • node2

        protected Node node2
        A non-referenceable node in default workspace
    • Constructor Detail

      • WorkspaceCopyTest

        public WorkspaceCopyTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testCopyNodes

        public void testCopyNodes()
                           throws RepositoryException
        Operation is performed entirely within the persistent workspace, it does not involve transient storage and therefore does not require a save
      • testCopyNodesAbsolutePath

        public void testCopyNodesAbsolutePath()
        The destAbsPath provided must not have an index on its final element. If it does, then a RepositoryException is thrown. Strictly speaking, the destAbsPath parameter is actually an absolute path to the parent node of the new location, appended with the new name desired for the copied node. It does not specify a position within the child node ordering.
      • testCopyNodesConstraintViolationException

        public void testCopyNodesConstraintViolationException()
                                                       throws RepositoryException
        A ConstraintViolationException is thrown if the operation would violate a node-type or other implementation-specific constraint.
      • testCopyNodesAccessDenied

        public void testCopyNodesAccessDenied()
                                       throws RepositoryException
        An AccessDeniedException is thrown if the current session (i.e., the session that was used to acquire this Workspace object) does not have sufficient access permissions to complete the operation.
      • testCopyNodesPathNotExisting

        public void testCopyNodesPathNotExisting()
                                          throws RepositoryException
        A PathNotFoundException is thrown if the node at srcAbsPath or the parent of the new node at destAbsPath does not exist.