Interface DavSession

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DavSessionImpl, JcrDavSession

    public interface DavSession
    DavSession allows to pass session information between request, response and resource(s).
    • Method Detail

      • addReference

        void addReference​(Object reference)
        Adds a reference to this DavSession indicating that this session must not be discarded after completion of the current request.
        reference - to be added.
      • removeReference

        void removeReference​(Object reference)
        Releasing a reference to this DavSession. If no more references are present, this session may be discarded.
        reference - to be removed.
      • addLockToken

        void addLockToken​(String token)
        Adds a lock token to this DavSession.
        token -
      • getLockTokens

        String[] getLockTokens()
        Returns the lock tokens of this DavSession.
      • removeLockToken

        void removeLockToken​(String token)
        Removes a lock token from this DavSession.
        token -