Class LengthsProperty

    • Constructor Detail

      • LengthsProperty

        public LengthsProperty​(long[] lengths)
        Create a new LengthsProperty from the given long array.
        lengths - as retrieved from the JCR property
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        public long[] getValue()
        Returns an array of longs representing the value of this property.
        Specified by:
        getValue in interface DavProperty<long[]>
        an array of longs
      • toXml

        public Element toXml​(Document document)
        Description copied from class: AbstractDavProperty
        Return a XML element representation of this property. The value of the property will be added as text or as child element.
         new DavProperty("displayname", "WebDAV Directory").toXml
         gives a element like:
         <D:displayname>WebDAV Directory</D:displayname>
         new DavProperty("resourcetype", new Element("collection")).toXml
         gives a element like:
         Element[] customVals = { new Element("bla", customNamespace), new Element("bli", customNamespace) };
         new DavProperty("custom-property", customVals, customNamespace).toXml
         gives an element like
        Specified by:
        toXml in interface XmlSerializable
        toXml in class AbstractDavProperty<long[]>
        document - to be used as factory.
        a XML element of this property
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