Interface Subscription

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    public interface Subscription
    extends XmlSerializable
    Subscription represents public representation of the event listener created (or modified) by a successful SUBSCRIBE request.
    Please note that this interface extends the XmlSerializable interface. The Xml representation of a Subscription is returned in the response to a successful SUBSCRIBE request as well as in a PROPFIND request. In both cases the subscription is packed into a SubscriptionDiscovery property object.
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      • getSubscriptionId

        String getSubscriptionId()
        Returns the id of this subscription, that must be used for un-subscribing as well as for event discovery later on.
      • eventsProvideNodeTypeInformation

        boolean eventsProvideNodeTypeInformation()
        whether events will be returned with node type information
      • eventsProvideNoLocalFlag

        boolean eventsProvideNoLocalFlag()
        whether events will be returned with the "noLocal" flag