Interface SearchConstants

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    QueryGrammerSet, SearchInfo

    public interface SearchConstants
    SearchConstants interface provide constants for request and response headers, Xml elements and property names used for WebDAV search.
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        static final Namespace NAMESPACE
        Namespace definition.
        NOTE: For convenience reasons, the namespace is defined to be the default DAV: namespace. This is not correct for the underlying specification is still in a draft state. See also the editorial note inside the Internet Draft WebDAV Search document.

        static final String BASICSEARCH
        Predefined basic query grammer.

        static final String HEADER_DASL
        The DASL response header specifying the query languages supported by the requested resource.
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        Constant Field Values

        static final String XML_QUERY_SCHEMA_DISCOVERY
        Optional Xml element name used in the SEARCH request body instead of XML_SEARCHREQUEST in order to access a given query schema.
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        Constant Field Values

        static final DavPropertyName QUERY_GRAMMER_SET
        Property indicating the set of query languages the given resource is able deal with. The property has the following definition:
         <!ELEMENT supported-query-grammar-set (supported-query-grammar*)>
         <!ELEMENT supported-query-grammar grammar>
         <!ELEMENT grammar ANY>