Class AclPrincipalReport

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Report, XmlSerializable

    public class AclPrincipalReport
    extends AbstractSecurityReport
    The AclPrincipalReport report returns the requested property set for all principals in the DAV:acl property, that are identified by http(s) URLs or by a DAV:property principal.

    The request body MUST be a DAV:acl-principal-prop-set XML element:

     <!ELEMENT acl-principal-prop-set ANY>
     ANY value: a sequence of one or more elements, with at most one
                DAV:prop element.
     prop: see RFC 2518, Section 12.11
    The response body MUST be a DAV:multistatus element containing a DAV:response element for each principal identified by a http(s) URL listed in a DAV:principal XML element of an ACE within the DAV:acl property of the resource this report is requested for.